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        Jiangsu Shenwang group was founded in 1976, iscommitted to the steel wire and wire rope of R & D and manufacturing. Theproducts are mainly used in the fields of elevator, coal, oil, port,engineering machinery, automobile and so on. After more than 40 years ofdevelopment, the company has accumulated technology and experience for manyimportant fields of customer service.
        Jiangsu Shenwang group Wire Rope Co. Ltd.  in Jiangyan Taizhou Economic Development Zonebuilt a high-tech production & service platform of steel wire and wire ropein 2011. The total area of 200 thousand square meters, will focus on elevatorrope, conveyor belt rope, port rope, engineering machinery  rope, mine rope, oil tempered spring steel wireand various coated steel wires, with an annual output of 180 thousand tons ofwire products.
        The company always persists the"people-oriented, innovation driven development concept", carry onthe decades on the ingenuity of spirit, continue to provide better products andservices for customers, better service Chinese and overseas market.
         “Hundred years of wire rope, GoldenShenwang! " Jiangsu Shenwang Group Wire Rope Co. Ltd. will join hands withyou to create brilliant!

        總 經 理:黃瑋頡
        銷售熱線:0523-88985888    0523-88985918
        傳    真:0523-88985999
        E -mail :Seal@sw-cable.com